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Advancing the Craft of Sharpening!

Advancing the Craft of Sharpening

Mission Statement 

The National Beauty Tool Sharpeners Guild is an industry trade group established to advance the knowledge and skills of beauty tool sharpeners. The organization certifies sharpeners of shears, scissors, thinning shears, and clipper blades so that there is a fair and unbiased evaluation of the sharpening ability and provides resources for best business practices, training, and the advancement of the sharpening industry. 

Vision Statement

To become the preeminent source of knowledge and training for the beauty tool sharpening industry by hosting fun, effective, and welcoming conventions and certification events. To provide an atmosphere in which sharpeners of all experience levels can gather and learn from each other and to advance the cause of certified sharpeners and their usefulness and benefit to other industries. 


  • Foster participation in the guild and continuous improvement within our industry. 
  • Be a positive and respected influence within the sharpening community. 
  • Set the standards for professional sharpeners. 

Upcoming Events

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Certified Sharpeners Map

Looking for a certified sharpener in your area?  Here is a map of NBTSG Certified Sharpeners.

Guild Member Lookup

List of Guild Members by location Alabama - Louisiana

List of Guild Members by location Maine - Oklahoma

List of Guild Members by location Oregon - Wyoming

List of Guild Members by location - International

Become A Member

National Beauty Tool Sharpeners Guild Membership

Certification is not required to become a member of the Guild.  Membership is for 12 months.

Learn About NBTSG Sharpening Certification

Sharpening certification allows the sharpener to have a clear unbiased assessment of their ability to meet a set standard established by the Guild. The evaluation is conducted by NBTSG Master Sharpeners who have met that same standard themselves. Certification exams in shear sharpening and clipper blade sharpening are conducted at the guild convention and other official sharpening venues under the eyes of the judges and other observers. Judging is double blind and top scores are announced at the convention.

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We are a nonprofit corporation established to train and certify shear sharpening and clipper sharpening.  Please contact us with your questions. 

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