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The National Beauty Tool Sharpeners Guild, Inc. is a tax exempt, 501(c)(3), domestic nonprofit corporation owned and operated by the individual sharpeners who are guild members. It is not owned by any one person, sharpening system, or company. Decisions are made by the voting sharpeners themselves, committees, board of directors, and the corporate officers in accordance with the Bylaws and approved corporate policies.  

We provide sharpening training to sharpeners to help them operate a successful sharpening business.



The National Beauty Tool Sharpeners Guild (NBTSG) was founded in 2009 by Larry Brooks of Sharp Edges/Hamaguri USA. The Brooks family hosted three very successful conventions in St. Louis, Missouri before Larry and his wife Linda retired in 2012. Upon their retirement Bonnie and Gene Megowan of Bonika Shears assumed leadership of the Guild and hosted the 2012 and 2013 conventions. During the summer of 2013 a basic organizational structure was established and the NBTSG was formally incorporated as a domestic nonprofit corporation in the State of Alabama with Bonnie Megowan, Dennis Brooks, and Jesse Hockett as the principal directors. In 2018 the NBTSG applied for and received 501(c)(3) tax exempt status from the IRS. The NBTSG is owned by its membership, governed by an all volunteer Board of Directors, and managed by elected officers that perform the day to day operations of the Guild.  



Mission Statement 

The National Beauty Tool Sharpeners Guild is an industry trade group established to advance the knowledge and skills of beauty tool sharpeners. The organization certifies sharpeners of shears, scissors, thinning shears, and clipper blades so that there is a fair and unbiased evaluation of the sharpening ability and provides resources for best business practices, training, and the advancement of the sharpening industry. 

Vision Statement

To become the preeminent source of knowledge and training for the beauty tool sharpening industry by hosting fun, effective, and welcoming conventions and certification events. To provide an atmosphere in which sharpeners of all experience levels can gather and learn from each other and to advance the cause of certified sharpeners and their usefulness and benefit to other industries. 


  • Foster participation in the guild and continuous improvement within our industry. 
  • Be a positive and respected influence within the sharpening community. 
  • Set the standards for professional sharpeners. 

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NBTSG Organization Chart

NBTSG Organization Chart 2019 Rev 1 10-17-2019 (ppsx)



Guild Staff

Editor-In-Chief - NBTSG Bulletin


Sarah Spelbring - Certified Sharpener

Bee Sharp


Certification Judge


David Ryan - Master Sharpener

Schneide Sharpening


Certification Judge


Craig Cazier - Grand Master Sharpener

Precision Sharpening & More


Awards Committee/Certification Judge


Craig Swanson - Grand Master Sharpener

Be Sharp


Awards Committee


Brian Merrill - Certified Sharpener

Iron Sharpens Iron


Certification Judge


Andy Davis - Master Sharpener

Shear Genius Sharpening


Certification Judge


Ian Parsons - Grand Master Sharpener

Feather Edge Sharpening

Victoria, Australia

IT Support

John Pool - Battle Born Blade Sharpening LLC - IT Support

John Pool - Associate Member

Battle Born Blade Sharpening LLC

Gardnerville, Nevada



Jayden Hockett - Sharpener In Training

Shear Precision Sharpening


Regional Event Coordinator


Donna Wright - Certified Sharpener

Sharpening by Donna


Help Wanted


The NBTSG is a member owned, managed, and operated nonprofit industry trade group for sharpeners.  We are only as good as our members make us and we are always looking for new ideas and better ways to add value to the organization.  We encourage you to share your suggestions and opinions with us and participate in the Guild.

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Corporate Officers



Dayna Schleufer - Grand Master Sharpener

Advanced Sharpening Technologies

North Carolina

Vice President


Eric Wunder - Certified Sharpener

Fix My Edge

New Jersey



Amberlee Wesselhoft - Master Sharpener

Round Rock Sharpening




James McGrew - Grand Master Sharpener

On Point Sharpening by James


Board of Directors



Jesse Hockett - Master Sharpener

Shear Precision Sharpening


Vice Chairman


James McGrew - Grand Master Sharpener

On Point Sharpening by James


Certification Director


Lou Gean - Grand Master Sharpener

The Sharper Side


Marketing Director


Sarah Spelbring - Certified Sharpener

Bee Sharp


Human Resources Director


Jason Sturm - Master Sharpener

The Edge Pro


Communications Director


Dawn Hockett - Master Sharpener

Shear Precision Sharpening


Membership Director


Joe Gomez

Sharpening Solutions

United Kingdom

Education Director


Dennis Brooks - Grand Master Sharpener

Sharp Edges


Event Director


Loren Dalla Betta - Master Sharpener

DB Shears


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NBTSG Founder

Larry Brooks - Grand Master Sharpener

Larry started Sharp Edges Sharpening Service in 1994.  In 1999, Larry won the prestigious recognition of becoming a member of the National Shear Sharpeners Guild (NSSG) and a Master Sharpener!  The year 1999 proved to be a very busy year for Larry.  He started being called upon to demonstrate some of his sharpening techniques at sharpening seminars.  He attended and gave sharpening and equipment demonstrations at seminars for Huff's Wholesale, Sharpener’s Report, and Wolff Industries™ in several areas of the United States including Missouri, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Virginia.  Larry returned to Las Vegas several times to compete again in the NSSG certification placing 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place consecutively.   

The turn of the century continued to be a busy time for Larry.  In 2000, Larry traveled to Kentucky, Virginia, and Nevada for seminars for Wolff Industries™, Sharpfest, and the NSSG.  He also decided to start offering hands-on training programs.  These programs enlisted the do's and don’ts that his vast experience had taught him. Larry also introduced the Hamaguri Sharpening System at the Wolff Industries Seminar in Richmond, VA in October, 2000. 

In 2003, he became an Authorized Training Center for Wolff Industries™ to teach sharpening on the Twice as Sharp Scissor Sharpening System® and the Ookami Gold Sharpening System ®. 

In 2007 Sharp Edges became the only authorized distributor and the only training center for the Treyco Clipper Blade Sharpening System. 

Larry founded The National Beauty Tool Sharpeners Guild (NBTSG) in 2009. It was operated by Larry and his family until 2012, when Larry retired. 

Somewhere in the middle of all that he even found the time to author a book titled "Flat-Hone Convex Shear Sharpening" where his in depth knowledge and understanding of shear sharpening helped to put complex theories into simple to understand language.  The book is still considered by many to be the modern shear sharpeners' bible.

The sharpening community lost a true visionary when Larry passed away on December 24, 2017.  

The NBTSG continues to carry on his legacy today by providing resources for sharpeners to learn, share, and grow, both in business and in life. 

Today the Guild honors Larry's memory with the Larry Brooks Memorial Scholarship.  The scholarship provides assistance to sharpeners to be able to attend conventions and training events.

Larry Brooks at the 2011 NBTSG Convention in St Louis, MO.

Larry Brooks at the 2011 NBTSG Convention in St Louis, MO.

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Corporate Policies

Here is the link to the NBTSG public folder that contains copies of our bylaws and approved corporate policies.

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