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Dennis Brooks - Grand Master Sharpener

Dennis is the owner of Sharp Edges Sharpening Service, Sales and Training and the home of the Hamaguri USA Convex Shear Sharpening System.

Dennis started sharpening in 1995 for his Dad, Larry Brooks. His son Matthew is also a certified clipper blade sharpener which makes Sharp Edges a third generation sharpening business. Dennis has maintained a very successful 20 + year sharpening route that he services on a regular basis. He manufactures all of the Hamaguri USA Convex Shear Sharpening Systems in his shop in Decatur, Illinois as well as providing in depth one on one training to individuals interested in sharpening in the cosmetology, barber and pet industry. 

He first certified in 2006 where he certified twice in the same year. Since that time he has taken numerous certifications. He has a strong conviction in that everyone needs to participate in the continuing education aspect in order to keep up on the new procedures and new products for one to remain competitive in this ever changing industry. 

Visit SharpEdgesinIL.com for more information about Dennis.

Dennis Brooks

Dennis Brooks

Lou Gean - Grand Master Sharpener


Lou's career had a very innocent beginning as his wife, a full time cosmetologist, was not satisfied with the performance of her beauty shears after a sharpening service from a professional company. As an experienced hairstylist for 30 years, she knew how important it was to have her tools well maintained so she suggested a challenge to Lou which created a new found passion for him in sharpening and servicing beauty shears.

Since then Lou started his career by seeking the best training possible, with Larry & Dennis Brooks at Hamaguri USA in 2008. Shortly after, he sought additional training and has attended the NBTSG Annual Conventions since 2010. During this time and taking several classes, he learned techniques from various well known Master Sharpeners and earned certificates. In May 2013, Lou was invited to a 40 hour intense sharpening training session at Leader Cam in Italy, where he received his 40 hour certificate. Lou has since been sharpening for many professionals including the famous Sam Brocato, in Manhattan, NY and Franco Della Grazia in NJ. In 2012 he earned his first Master certification for Shears, and in 2013 became a Grand Master Sharpener, a Master in both Shears and Clipper Blades. He has achieved Master in Shears every year since 2012! And has served as Shear Certification Judge since 2014. Lou says he has undoubtedly continued to learn something new every year at the conventions and judging shears for Certification.

Now serving on the Board of Directors with the NBTSG, he is a firm believer in the importance of the organization and its purpose! Lou owes his valued knowledge of the industry to the NBTSG, its education and its members. Also he believes in upgrading one's education in this industry as one should never stop learning, and growing. It is essential in making the most of what you can achieve and help to grow one's business and strive to be the best you can be without fear or lack of confidence. As we enter another year at the NBTSG, Lou is looking forward to meeting new faces as well as seeing the old ones too!

Visit TheSharperSide.com for more information about Lou.

Lou Gean

Lou Gean

Dayna Schleufer - Grand Master Sharpener

A Small Business owner since 1985. 

34 Years in the Marble, Granite, and Tile Business. 

• Master Stone Cutter/Installer Holding 3 Certificates in Interior, Exterior/ Precast & Building Skin Extrusions Systems. 

Got into the Sharpening business in 2006 as Straight Razor Sharpener.  Became the Designated Sharpener for “Art of Shaving Company” covering the South East until the Company was bought out by Proctor & Gamble. 

Design and Manufacture a current line of Custom Antique Straight Razors. 

Started Sharpening Shears (Scissors) in 2008-2009 Part time and began sharpening full time in 2013. 

Awarded Grand Master Sharpener on September 20, 2015. Double Master in both Clipper Blades and Shears. Certified first time tested. 

  • NBTSG President 2019 
  • NBTSG Board Member 2016-2017-2018 

Instructor for: Clipper Blades, Clipper Repair, Straight Razors, Beauty Shears, Thinners, Texturing Shears, Set issues including Bending Bar & Hammer Bending, advanced techniques in High end Beauty Shears…etc.


Metal Machinist: Specializing in Sharpening Equipment and various other Sharpeners' Tools and accessories. 

• Engineered/Designed & Manufactured all Arms, Turntable Plate, and Clamping System for the Original Scimech HD Sharpening Machine. 

• Owner of Adems USA. Importer of Adems Machinery Line of Sharpening Equipment. 

• Designer and Manufacturer of Adems Full Drive Upgrade Arm System 

• Designer and Manufacturer of many other various Sharpeners' Tools and accessories. 

Visit Advanced Sharpening Technologies.com for more information about Dayna.

Dayna Schleufer

Dayna Schleufer

Jason Sturm - Master Sharpener


Jason and his family own and operate The Edge Pro in Ankeny, IA.  

Gordon Sturm and his wife Carren founded The Edge Pro in 1990.  For the next 13 years the business grew in their home in Ankeny Iowa, where they focused on sales and sharpening services to the barber, beauty, animal grooming and veterinarian industries.  In 1999 Gordon's son Jason joined the company and by 2003 the business had outgrown its "home" and a storefront location was opened at its current location.  With a storefront open to the public the business has expanded its sharpening services from beauty and grooming scissors and clipper blades to include sewing shears, knives, chainsaw chains, hand tools, paper cutting blades and other misc. items.  We even sharpen the occasional sword.  Since the launch of our retail and wholesale parts store in 2005, we have grown to be one of the largest clipper/dryer parts suppliers in the country! This expanded even more in April 2014 when we purchased the distributor division of Huff’s Wholesale from Bob Huffman of Missouri.  In the past 10 years, Jason has also came to be a recognized authority on clipper blade sharpening and repair and has served on several boards and sharpening guilds.  Our staff has trained hundreds of sharpeners, repairman and women either through our in shop training or in sharpening shows.  As of 2015, we began co-hosting our own sharpening shows with Wolff Industries as well as speaking and vending at different shows across the country. 

Visit The Edge Pro for more information about Jason.

Jason Sturm

Jason Sturm

Brandon Smart - Master Sharpener


Brandon has been a part of The Edge Pro since 2012 and married a fellow Edge Pro employee, Emily Sturm in 2015. With no prior experience before hiring on with The Edge Pro, he has since become an expert in clipper blade and scissor sharpening. He works at The Edge Pro with Jason Sturm and is one of the top authorities on clipper repair across the country. Having a thirst for knowledge, he has worked hard to master his craft and improve what information is being shared. Brandon has a servant’s heart and works every day to help his fellow sharpeners and repair technicians. 

Visit The Edge Pro for more information about Brandon.


Jeff Andrews - Certified Sharpener


Jeff Andrews is a World Class Sharpener, and owner of Northern Tails Sharpening, and two high volume pet grooming salons.  His sharpening company is a mail-in service that sharpens grooming equipment for pet groomers, veterinarians, and dog handlers only.  His service covers the entire United States, and also extends to Australia, South America, Mexico, UK, Europe, and all of Canada.

He is the author and pioneer of many equipoment maintenance videos and how-to articles, that are published in Groomer to Groomer magazine, Grooming Business magazine, and the quarterly eMagazine by Petgroomer.com which goes worldwide.

Jeff is a Certified Groomer with 35+ years experience, and is a member of NDGAA, IPG, and NAPCG.  

Visit Northern Tails Sharpening for more information about Jeff.

Jeff Andrews

Jeff Andrews

Jim O'Donnell


Jim has three basic responsibilities as an independent businessman: 

1. Supporting, training and suppling the sharpening industry. 

2. Working to maintain, building and continual improve his local sharpening business. 

3. As a licensed financial advisor he strives to help serve the needs of his clients both in retirement and as they prepare for it. 

As a shears modification specialist, Jim works with the composites industry to provide shears and create sharpening programs that will reduce the stress of cutting these hard to cut materials. 

As a sharpening coach and trainer Jim has spent the past 20+ years helping sharpeners grow and expand their businesses. Two tools he uses to help the sharpening industry are On The Edge Newsletter (www.otenewsletter.com) and his blog at www.jimsharp.blogspot.com

As a marketer and branding professional Jim has helped a number of independent sharpeners and sharpeners suppliers increase their market share in the sales of cutlery and sharpening equipment to different industries. 

Jim has been in sales and marketing all his life and specializes in networking, public relations and speaking both locally and at conventions and meetings all over the United States. He’s driven to help his contacts find answers to their needs! Marketing and networking is about helping others, not them helping you! Jim tries to exemplify this in both his work life and personal life! 


Edge Geometry, Shear Modification, Sharpening Training, Business Networking, Marketing, Sales, Public Speaking and Financial Planning.

Visit Jim's blog for more information about Jim.

Jim O'Donnell

Jim O'Donnell