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The Edge Pro/Nebraska Blades


The exclusive provider of clipper blades for the NBTSG certification program.

Offering over 25 years of industry experience The Edge Pro is a factory authorized repair center for all the major hair clipper and dryer brands and an authorized distributor for those same factories and their repair parts and products. Our expert sharpeners sharpen everything from clipper blades for stylists, barbers, dog groomers, cattle and sheep farmers as well as anything from knives, lawnmower blades, chisels, and paper cutters. Beyond sharpening The Edge Pro is a factory trained clipper, blade, & trimmer repair center and a factory authorized distribution center which gets you the products you need at the lowest price possible.

Wolff Industries


Wolff Industries, Inc is the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial and professional scissors sharpeners and specializes in providing highest quality stainless steel scissors, developing cutting solutions, and pushing the scissors and sharpening industry forward. We are your scissors and sharpening experts.

Wolff Industries, Inc. has a full line of sewing scissors and shears, poultry scissors and shears, thread clips, embroidery scissors, pet grooming shears, beauty shears, and industrial scissors and shears for hard to cut materials. Wolff Industries, Inc. brands include: Ergonomix®, Wolff®, OOKAMI®, Kai®, Mundial®, Hira-To® and other leading brands.

On The Edge Newsletter


On The Edge is the industry’s most popular sharpening newsletter. If you are a professional sharpener that focuses on scissors, shears, and clipper blades, this is the publication for you! Each issue is packed with sharpening, sales, and business articles that with help you grow your sharpening business. Looking to learn? Looking for help? Look no further! On The Edge has been helping sharpeners succeed since 2002!

Shears Direct


The exclusive provider of shears for the NBTSG certification program.

Shears Direct supplies the shears needs of professional hair salons, barbers, sharpeners and dog groomers throughout the world.

Shears Direct provides factory-direct, quality shears crafted by the world’s finest factories.

Our shears are created from premium Japanese stainless steel that continues to provide you with years of quality hair cutting performance.

Our philosophy is to eliminate the middlemen found in traditional companies, and bring our valued customers quality shears and unchallenged

Customer Service, at the absolute lowest possible price.

Shears Direct has been in business since 1998!

Anvil USA


Anvil Industries was a customer of Vogel Brothers Corporation in the barber and beauty field 25 years ago. The assets and name of Anvil Industries was then purchased by David and Don Vogel through a corporate buyout, the name remained the same but we re-branded as Anvil USA. Vogel Brothers, as a brand, was hidden from recognition by the structure of private label manufacturering but Anvil USA was not. It was a separate entity and was established as such. After meeting with much resistance on this bold move within Vogel Brothers existing customer base, it was necessary to divest Anvil of its Barber and Beauty sales due to the aggressive atmosphere. Anvil USA's fly tying scissors were then created and marketed to the consumer through a network of dealers and distributors. Five years later, Anvil USA's brand slowly emerged in the pet grooming field. In 2012 Vogel Brothers Corporation was sold and the Anvil USA brand was purchased along with inventory and needed machinery by Don and Barbara Vogel. The corporate name and brand is Anvil USA. We currently sell worldwide to individuals, dealers and distributors. Anvil USA is continuing the shear manufacturing tradition of which Vogel Brothers built its business upon some 325 years ago. We are passionate about the quality of Anvil USA's tools and the families they support during their lifetime of use.

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Sharpeners' Report


Creative Lakes Media, LLC publishes Sharpeners Report, a newsletter on knife sharpening, scissor and beauty shear sharpening, industrial blades and woodworking tool and saw blade sharpening, pet groomer scissor and clipper blade sharpening, equipment news, industry training events. 

The Shop, Inc.


The sharpest, best cutting, and longest lasting clipper blades are produced by sharpeners who use
Clipper Blade Sharpening Systems.

Every aspect of sharpening clipper blades has been refined for superior results, with a unique system that outperforms any other.

Hamaguri USA


At Sharp Edges Sharpening Service we are  focused on providing  exceptional sharpening  services, product and machine sales with the  highest level of customer satisfaction – we will do  everything we can to meet your expectations.

With a variety of offerings to choose from, we’re  sure you’ll be happy working with us. Look  around our website and if you have any  comments or questions, please feel free to 

contact us. 

Sharp Edges Sharpening Service, Sales and Training

Hamaguri USA Convex Sharpening Systems

Fort Worth Shaver


Fort Worth Shaver has been serving businesses and individuals
​locally and nationally for over 40 years. The best thing about choosing Fort Worth Shaver is knowing you are purchasing
products from a team who has made a name for itself
through repairing and servicing the equipment used
throughout the industry. Our experience allows us to not only
sell professional products at the best prices, but gives our
customers the assurance that in case they run into any
problems with their equipment, we can be contacted directly for help. Our staff is always here to help you with any
questions you may have. So, whether you are a barber,
​stylist, or just a do-it-yourself groomer, we are here to serve
you and make sure you have the right equipment to get the
job done!                

-The Fort Worth Shaver Team- 

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On Point Sharpening by James


Hello, I am James McGrew with On Point Sharpening by James. I started sharpening October 2013 for the sole purpose of sharpening alpaca shear blades to shear our herd of alpacas.  Since then, I have learned how to sharpen beauty shears, dental instrument, veterinary instruments, and clipper and blower repair.  In September 2014 at the National Beauty Tool Sharpeners Guild I certified on Beauty Shears and Clipper Blades.  September 2015 I certified on Beauty Shears and received 1st place and Master Sharpener on Clipper Blades.  September 2016 I certifed on Clipper Blades and received 1st place and Master Sharpener on Beauty Shears.  I have trained with Master sharpeners Dennis Brooks, Jason Sturm, Robert Schissel, Tim Lau, Bonnie McGowan, Jean-Paul Babin and several others.  

Advanced Sharpening Technologies


Machine Sales & Service - Authorized distributor for the ADEMS line of sharpening systems and equipment.

Innovative Tools & Upgrades - Inventor of the RideLine Pro, Ride Line Stones, Ride Line Stone Holder and the Bandit Bar Polishing Compound.  Also providing Arm and machine upgrades and modifications.

Training & Consulting - Learn advanced sharpening techniques from NBTSG certified Grand Master Sharpener Dayna Schleufer.

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Shear Precision Sharpening

Learn To Sharpen from NBTSG certified Master Sharpeners.

We have successfully grown our business from pick-up/delivery, to mobile on-site, to opening a brick and mortar storefront by servicing the beauty, barber, and grooming industries using a variety of equipment.

We provide training on the equipment that we use for our business.

We offer hands-on technical assistance and training for various sharpening equipment at our location by appointment.  We are also authorized distributors for the equipment we use and train with.  Contact us below for more information.

Fix My Edge

Training and machine sales.  Learn shear and clipper blade sharpening from NBTSG Certified Sharpener Eric Wunder.  Authorized distributor of Hamaguri USA Convex Sharpening Systems.

Western Workshops

 Donna Wright started Western Sharpeners Workshop a few years ago because she found it difficult to get to all the wonderful shows back east and felt a call to serve this great industry by coordinating educational opportunities in the western states. The goal from day one has been to bring great educators out west to give regional sharpeners an opportunity to learn, network, and grow their business.

The intent is to host a western workshop every Presidents Day weekend in February and every Columbus Day weekend in October.