Be a Tweaker Not a Breaker with Dennis Brooks

This is the best and most comprehensive explanation on how to create the right set or alignment of beauty, barber and groomer scissors and shears. Learn from the Chairman of the Certification Committee for the National Beauty Tool Sharpeners Guild how to tweak the blade without breaking the blade. This is a how to bend scissors guide on how to align scissors and shears from the expert. 

Keynote Presentation with Michael Torgau

Hear and see the keynote presentation by Michael Torgau from Jaguar Shears in Germany. This is a 2 part DVD and has the following information:

- Learn how and why different edges, blade radius and more are created for a particular shear and how it is designed for a specific cutting purpose.

- How Jaguar Shears are made in the factory in Germany. Watch video of actual manufacture of scissors in the plant.

- Learn about the individual categories of Jaguar screws. 

Servicing Fromm and Jaguar Scissors with Josh Freund

How to service and sharpen Fromm and Jaguar shears. Learn the tips and techniques for servicing Jaguar and Fromm shears and scissors from Josh Freund. Josh Freund of Chicago is the official warranty sharpener for Fromm and has extensive experience sharpening Fromm and Jaguar shears and scissors. This was a presentation at the National Beauty Tool Sharpeners Guild (NBTSG) Convention in Memphis, 2013. 

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